Leomar Yacht matches you up with your dreams…

We provide you a unique comfort with Leomar models thanks to their modern interior designs, first class equipments and customization and quality marked in every simple detail.


We are very proud of offering 70 feet Trawler model and Leomar 95’ motor yacht for the appreciation of elite yacht lovers, after 53 feet, 59 feet and mostly liked 60 feet Trawler models produced since 2004. We proceed with the construction of Leomar 62 s, Leomar 150 WLx after Leomar 120 DLx completed and launched as of 30 May 2015. We also initiated the production of Leomar.

50 CF our carbon fiber yacht, since we are sure it will provide you comfort in narrow waters as well as in open sea.


We rigorously prolong the process beginning from the design until the launch of our yachts. Started our commercial adventure with textile threads, now our wish is to reinforce our position in the yacht sector with an ambition of research for quality and novelty with competitive prices.


Leomar Yacht will add two products which was named AMBULANCE 30 Hlt was designed for emergency healthcare services from the sea.

After some interior changes , Leomar will produce for an option for solving the traffic problem in land transportation , we will build Leomar 30 tx Sea Taxi.

The another project is, Carbon Fiber infusioned hull materialized  9.5 meter super luxury Rib boat could be used for pleasure sailing and for Military with 50 knot max speed  project which has interior cabins and comforts.. Designed by Roberto Curto