We are able fully support customly  designed yacht constructions. You can get detailed information about Re-Fit(Interrior & Exterior) and mechanical support services

Yacht Rental

Leomar Yachts proudly provides all boat, yacht, sailboat, motoryacht and gulet rental services which are avaliable in her vast armada

Hydrolic Platforms

You have finally arrived to your final destination in your journey of Hyrolic Lifts and Hyrolic Platforms search. Leomar Yacht provides the highest variety and qualıty for your needs

Tv Lift

Leomar Yacht has unlimited material and models which can be modelled as per your wishes. Control options for the systems can vary from model to model. Materials are being structured and designed specifically for usage which differes from traditional home models.


To earn back the old glorious days of your vessel and  to regain your comfort in the vessels Leomar Yacht provides  unique services. Internally and externally design your vessels and prepare a 4 dimensional model for your approval. Upon your approval you will be a brandnew vessel owner in no time